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What is This or This?

An idea

This or This is born from a pretty dumb idea, the simple fact to recognize a picture, just by seing a part of it.

On social medias, this idea has been used by some pages, by it was very poorly handled, or not good enough to be attractive.

Very fast, our team got the idea to use two themes that we can relate to each other, and which are difficult to differentiate with only a part of the picture. We finally made This or This, the website on which you are at this moment.

The futur

For now, the This of This team is working on the creation of new categories, and is dealing with bug fixes all over the website.

In the future, many features will be implemented, but it is still necessary that the concept works. For that, nothing more simple, you just need to share a maximum This or This with your friends on the social networks.

If you have a theme idea for a future category, or a new concept to propose, you can tell us via the form provided for this purpose, or via our social networks.